Online Casinos with Best Welcome Bonus

The rising competition among the vast network of online casinos and gaming sites has lead to the birth of many interesting, alluring and generous bonuses and promotions including Welcome Bonus. What started as a simple Sign-Up bonus, Welcome Bonus is a promotion that now extends beyond a simple reward for joining an online casino.

Today, every casino has its own Welcome Bonus package covering vast number of promotions ranging from simple Sign-up, First Deposit, No Deposit, New Player, Match Bonus to many more.

Combining handful of bonuses, these online casinos not only aim at attracting new players but also work hard to keep the regular players happy.

Some of the most popular types of Welcome Bonuses are:

First Deposit Bonus - Every time a player makes a deposit at a casino, his or her account is funded with a 100% bonus amount. This bonus rewards a player with additional money to start his/her gaming. 100% First Deposit means if a player makes a deposit of $100, the casino will add 100% of that deposit i.e $100 to the player's account giving the player a total of $200 to play with.

Thus, this type of bonus is also known as Match Bonus as the casino works by matching your initial deposit with 100% input. Sometimes the match bonus could be 100% or 150% or 200% of the initial deposit, depending upon the casino.

Sign-Up Bonus - Signing-Up with a casino is often rewarded with a simple bonus which could be anything from basic 100% up to $100 to a large number.

No Deposit Bonus - Some casinos let players have free gaming by giving them a small but free amount of money. This free money is called a No Deposit, as players are not required to make any initial deposit to redeem it. Often this kind of bonus is followed by a first deposit bonus.

Welcome Package - One of the most popular kind of Welcome Bonus is a multiple promotion that offers a big package often redeemable in multiple deposits like First Deposit, Second Deposit and more.

Given below are top online casinos with most attractive and player friendly Welcome Bonus offers -