Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy defines the safety as well as usage of visitor’s details and confidential information. By being a part of the family or by simply visiting our website, you automatically agree to all the terms of our privacy policy.

All pieces of confidential as well as non confidential information are handled with utmost security and these are not compromised under any circumstances. The information provided by all visitors is entitled to be used by us only for the purpose of improving the usability of our website.

Personal information of the visitor is collected by us only in case they sign up for a newsletter, voluntarily register on our website or in case they interact with us for any further information regarding our products and services. It is entirely up to the visitor if he/ she wants to simply browse our website as an anonymous body or wants to get registered in order to have more optimized access to our website. Until and unless you are registered with our website, you are not entitled to receive any updates/ news regarding our daily/ weekly as well as monthly activities.

A visitor’s name, area of operation, operating system, etc are the non- confidential pieces of information collected by us based on his/ her browsing activity.

Information Usage

Visitor’s username, browsing activities, operating system and email address are the few details, but not limited to, that we are entitled to collect as well as use. The usage of this information is strictly in regard with improving the visitor’s browsing experience on our website, the performance of our services and for endorsing the deals, promotions as well as updates of our products. We are also entitled to use visitor’s browsing details in order to find out the hotspots on our website.

All pieces of personal and non- personal information are entitled to be kept secret and intact in its true form under all circumstances.

Use of Cookies

At, we make use of cookies in order to ensure that our visitor’s have the most hassle- free browsing experience. However, it is entirely up to the user if they want to refuse cookies or not by adjusting their browser settings.

Third Party Information

As a part of our dedicated services, we have provided links, information and advertisements to third parties. It is to be noted that all information, advertisements as well as links provided on the third- party website is a matter of their concern and are directly regulated under their very own privacy policies. Any alteration to their policies, subjects and services are not a part of our concern.

We, at, also have the right to make changes to our terms, conditions and policies. It is entirely the visitor’s responsibility to stay up to date with all the amendments made to our privacy policy.